Pro Photo Booth

You deserve the best photo booth for your special occasion.

Since 2006, DJ Barnett Entertainment has been providing amazing entertainment services to hundreds of brides and grooms in Northern California. We take great pride in knowing we offer years of experience, reliability, quality, and a drive to excel at what we do best – and that’s to provide our clients a fun and entertaining experience.

If you are looking for fun party entertainment, and the peace of mind that you are hiring a tier-one vendor that offers PROFESSIONAL photo booths, then look no further. Our staff is dedicated, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about providing clients with the best customer experience. 

Our Pro Photo Booth always has a professional & enthusiastic photo booth attendant on hand to make sure that by the end of your event, all of your guests will walk away with multiple photo keepsakes and they will always look back at what a great time they had!

  • Completely Touch Screen; easy to use, even though there is a Host for you :)

  • Insanely fast classic double strips printed and automatically cut in only 6 seconds.

  • We can design the 4×6 print area (double strips, postcards, 1 to 8 pictures, backgrounds, graphics - the only limit is your imagination!)

  • Guests can post their pictures on FACEBOOK in real time while still in the booth (Optional)

  • Guests can use our EMAIL feature and send pictures direct as well as print a second set of prints (Optional).

  • Records LIVE VIDEO MESSAGES that turn into an instant Digital Movie for the newlywed couple or corporate event.

  • Customization, you can place newlywed's, corporate, school  name or Picture on the MAIN WELCOME SCREEN and ON THE STRIPS

  • The “Real Booth Experience”

  • You get all of the pictures and video on a Flashdrive at the end of event!

Reasons To Choose Our Pro Photo Booth

Pro Photo Booth provides entertainment & memories for you and all of your guests.  They will talk about your celebration over and over!  Your event will be remembered as one of the best they have ever attended.  Our Enclosed Style photo booths allows for lots of guests to take photos together! Everyone gets their own copies of the photos too!  The days of cramming into an old style booth are over!

Our attendant escort your guests into the Pro Photo Booth style you select and explain exactly what is going to happen, how to get the best pictures and they encourage big smiles so that they end up with great photos and you do too as every package includes digital copies!  They will have so much fun picking out which props they want to use from our huge selection of high quality items!  We are always adding to our prop selections so there are new choices for you and your guests to use.  Our two attendants always make sure the prop display looks great the entire time so each new guest has a beautiful display to look through.  No more props on the floor!

We have an optional Social Media kiosk so that your guests can upload their photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their emails as well.  Instant posting…Instant sharing.  Since it is a separate kiosk, this does not slow down the line for guests waiting to take their photos.​

DJ Barnett Entertainment's and Pro Photo Booth is LGBTQ friendly and we look forward to many celebrations!